Surprises for Alexander

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Alexander turns 31 on May 13, and we wanted make him a surprise video!

How can they participate?

Sending one photo or video (Maximum 1 minute duration) to:

On May 13th, we will upload the surprise video on our Youtube channel, you can find it on our Facebook page. You can share it on Twitter, tag us, and use the hashtag #HappyBirthdayAlexanderRybak :)

Alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest on May 16, 2009, achieving a record score by achieving 387 points.

Our idea is to make a surprise video for this occasion and we need the help of some fans ... We want to know anecdotes of the oldest fans, to know how they knew him, to know the progress of Alex as an artist, etc.

We hope you like the idea, and participate. Do not forget to share the information with your friends, so more people join this incredible gift!


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