"Kotik" got 50 million views on Youtube

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Translation in English: Noelia Molares. Correction: Florencia Brito.

"Kotik" got 50 million views on Youtube, this Joyful song of our countryman have the record of number of views in his channel and in his career.

The video has 50 million views, Alexander Rybak thanked all his team and followers on Instagram.

"... Together we have demontrated once again that the artist doesn't have to move to Moscow, it is not necessary to adjust to the idiot format, there is no need to buy a radio station and all kinds of superproducers and no one has to be lost in the show Bussines The most important thing is to trust your dreams and have confidence in those who believe in you". - Alexander Rybak.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" contacted Alexander Rybak, who is currently in Oslo.

- "Kotik" - The first clip in your career with this result. What emotions do you have now?
- Quality is not always evident in the number of views. I would not say, "Kotik" is one of my deepest songs. I made this video, so people would smile, and, luckily, the idea worked.

Yes, it is the first time I have that result, and it is especially important because this song is in Russian. Before this, the maximum number of views had the song "Europe's Skies" - almost 32 million, that it was out 6 years later, after his victory in Eurovision". At that time it was also a good result, as the Internet was not yet as developed as it is now. And if we talk about emotions, describing them is difficult. The first thing behind these millions of views is the love and recognition of my work among my listeners. This is the most important. That's what I work for.

- What do you think, what's the catch? After all, you wrote that you have succeeded without the "idiot format" and without "superproducers".
- Had a funny story about so-called radio formats. When I wrote my first song "Fairytale", on the radio to Germany, I was told: "It's out of format, you have to remove the violin and that bit so silly". Of course, I did not do any of that and after a while with this song win in "Eurovision" (Laughs). The success was that I trie not to adapt to the format and did not try to copy other artists. I just believed in my idea, that was all.
- Who was involved in filming the clip? - The director of the clip was Rustam Romanov. I think he's one of the best directors because he listens to the artists' ideas. He does not want to be a star like some directors in Moscow, with whom I worked. Artists trust Rustam so when he gives advice or orders, we know it is something with meaning. In the clip I worked with a very cool team: My producer, Andrey Guzel, Dasha, a beautiful actress and the entire film team. Every single one of them are professionals in their area. This song has a very talented arranger, but I will not name it at his own request, and the co-autor was the Belarusian Slava Rakitin.
- Has it increased the number of fans? - The increase of the fans was not influenced solely by this clip. In the first place it was because of my great desire to work in Russia and in my native Belarus. On Youtube I have 330.000 followers and Facebook 860.000. These followers are not bought! Last year, I have also tried to promote my Instagram, and I will be happy if more Belarusian and Russian fans appeared.